Top 6 Questions to Ask Your Internet Voice and Data Provider

Whether you’re looking for internet, efax, or business phone systems, we’ve compiled the top questions you should ask any voice and data provider. If you’re in the Denver area, we’re sure offers the best solutions for your business internet needs. Call today and we’ll show you how we can grow your business.

What is the Service Level Agreement?

Comcast for example reserves the right to increase prices in a contract without notice. It is extremely important to review and understand the Service Level Agreement (SLA) before subscribing with business internet providers. This is commonly overlooked by consumers because it is written in legal terms that may seem confusing. However, some companies will reserve the right to increase prices without notice. The terms of the SLA will override any verbal agreement and should be reviewed like any other contract. You’ll find that keeps the SLA simple and straight forward, without any hidden charges.How quickly can you install?

When you’re trusting your business voice and data services to an internet provider, you need to know how quickly they can get you connected. Your business relies on these services and every minute of down time costs you money. This is why has the fastest installation team of anyone in Colorado.

What is your support structure?

While you don’t want to think about problems while shopping for your business voice and data provider, it’s a good idea to ask about support structures. Ideally, everything will work fine and you won’t have to call tech support. If you do, however, will have a knowledgeable local technician ready to answer the call. This ensures you will be online more than you’re offline, and you won’t spend all day on the phone if something does go wrong.

What services do you offer in my area?

Asking what services are provided in your area is a great way to reduce your voice and data costs by combining accounts and bundling services. When you trust your voice services to an out-of-area provider, you’ll still need to find a local data provider. This means you’ll have two invoices, two support teams, two providers pointing the finger at the other when there’s a problem. With, we control the last mile of service which means we’re you’re one point of contact for support. Additionally, this last mile ensures the clearest voice possible.

What cloud services do you provide?

Asking about other cloud services available through your voice and data provider can tell you how comfortable their company is with cloud services. Newer companies will focus on fewer services as they grow their capital and technical knowledge. At, you’ll find an established internet service provider with a suite of cloud services to help grow your business.

What are the hidden fees that I should be aware of?

Asking this question is a great way to gauge the honesty of the company you’re talking to. Any answer should be fact checked against their SLA. If what they are saying holds true in print, then you can consider them an honest service provider. You’ll find that does not have any hidden charges and we’re happy to back this up with our SLA.

Will our company have a dedicated line?

Some voice and data provides will keep their costs low by sharing a broadband connection with multiple users. Others expect their customers to use a lower level of service than they are paying for and choose to share the rest of the line. At, we give you a dedicated broadband connection and we don’t throttle your usage. This way you get what you paid for and we guarantee landline voice quality. is the best local Colorado internet service provider in Denver. We backup that statement with our MPLS network, ethernet over copper, and other business internet services. Call today and find out more about our internet services offered in Denver.