Why You Should Choose Local Colocation Services in Colorado

colocationMany companies want to own their own servers. Ownership eliminates the costs of hardware leasing, makes it possible to have a fully-customized configuration, and offers the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you have. The problem is that it is unusual for a company to have the best infrastructure for supporting the servers. Climate control, for instance, needs to be different for machines than it is for humans. Bandwidth is another issue – a standard business connection usually isn’t fast enough to deliver acceptable speeds for data or multiple VOIP connections. Yet another big concern is security. Having a server in your office makes it easy for random people to directly access it and possibly hack it for sensitive information.


What is Colocation?


Colocation allows you to have your own server while housing it at a fully-equipped data center. You literally bring your hardware to the data center, and the center sets it up in a rack. This gives you the use of the facility’s massive cooling and heating system, massive bandwidth capabilities, and security features. In some centers, data center technicians take care of everything remotely, while in others, you are the only one with access to your equipment. If you choose the latter, you will need to know how to work with the machinery. Alternatively, you can hire a technician and send the tech to do the work when necessary.


When data centers in far-off places like Texas and California are used, it is common to actually ship your equipment to the location. With that method, everything is done remotely. While that can work well for people with no technological skill or in-house expert, it leaves you wondering who really has access and what’s going on way over there. Colocation Colorado, on the other hand, is a good choice for those who can maintain their own equipment and like knowing that no one else has the key to the cabinet.


Choosing a Colocation Facility


The most basic thing to look for when seeking colocation Denver or colocation Boulder is whether the facility offers what you are looking for. You need to be able to get enough rack space for your machines and enough bandwidth to keep your sites from lagging and your VOIP calls from being choppy. The facility will also need to have some sort of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system so a power outage doesn’t shut your data services down. Temperature control and other such basics should also be standard. Finally, it needs to be able to ensure that random people don’t have access to your equipment.


Other things to look for include the type of network the data center uses. An MPLS network Denver is one of the best choices. What is MPLS network, and why MPLS network? Efficiency, and therefore speed, are the main reasons to look for this method of data transfer.


MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching. In basic terms, this system attaches a label to each packet of data that comes through. This allows the switching computer to simply read the label instead of going deeper into the IP data. Routes for the packets are determined according to their labels instead of being fixed according to hardware specifications. Therefore, the most efficient route can be used for all of the data being transferred.


This allows an MPLS network to handle peering between networks, data of multiple protocols, and various other data transfer tasks without slowing down. It’s a great asset for companies that need to guarantee service levels.


To learn more about the incredible benefits of colocation at an MPLS network-enabled data center in Colorado, contact FORETHOUGHT.net today. You’ll be amazed at all of the ways a good colocation service can benefit you and your company!